Thursday 8 July 2010

3 Weeks on

Three weeks on and the veggies are going great guns , i've posted some new pics , and the weather is set fine. Dunno what it is , maybe my age (51 this year shhhhhhhhhhh) , but i just love sitting out and watering the garden and smelling the honeysuckle bush that fills the air in the evenings.
Parsnips - growing like there is no tomorrow
Carrots - shooting up
Beetroot - if the size of the tops is anything to go by then i've got some massive beets
Spring Onions - seem to be catching up now
Lettuce - just keeps going and going had many a good salad off them already
Blackberries - just going black
Blueberries - starting to turn blue ....... lol
Strawberries - first crop done and now second croping
Runner Beans - winding their way up the canes
Potatoes - producing well , earlies have cropped and had 8 good meals from them and the others aren't far away from croping to
I'm actually sat outside right now 21.10 in the evening , honeysuckle filling the air and a familly of housemartins swooping down low in and out of the house screeching like they are having the time of their lives , every eveningit's a pleasure to sit out and just watch them. Of course the flowers are bloomimg now to ......... lol but thats another story , can it get any better , i think not.

Sunday 20 June 2010

My Garden

This year i decided to branch out with a few more veggies than the potatoes and runner beans of last year . Nothing to grand just to see how things went so the top end of the garden has become a fruit area and nearer the house a veggie area . The fruit area consists of dwarf apple tree , dwarf pear tree , thornless blackberry bush 3 varieties of blueberry bush and numerous strawberry plants . The veggie are is contained in a raised planter which is 8 feet long x 2 feet wide x 2 feet deep , whci contains little gem lettuce , spring onions , beetroot , carrotts and parsnips with 3 varieties of potatoes in grow bags and runner beans in 2 containers . The veggies are something i spotted while browsing , they are single seeds attached to bio-degradable tape , spaced at just the right intervals as to not need thinning out when they have grown and they are working out just right .